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supplements for pcos hair loss

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that affects women of reproductive age. Since it’s an endocrine issue, many Cysters experience a LOT of symptoms of PCOS. The main ones we hear about are heavy periods, infertility, and polycystic ovaries, of course. However, there are plenty more side effects Cytsers manage, like weight gain, fatigue, skin darkening, and hair loss! 

Hair thinning and hair loss accompanied by excessive facial growth is a symptom that stems from high androgens (male sex hormones). Women with PCOS often experience imbalances of sex hormones that are responsible for lots of symptoms. Hair loss is one of them! 

Luckily, most women can manage their PCOS naturally using exercise, healthy eating habits, lifestyle changes, and supplements. That last one is HUGE, because even if you are really focused on eating a balanced diet, it’s not easy to get your body all the nutrients it needs. In fact, it’s nearly impossible due to the lack of nutrients in our food these days. So, one of the best ways to support PCOS healing is by taking the right supplements alongside a healthy diet! Yes, with the right supplements, you can combat your PCOS hair loss, thinning, and growth. 

Best Supplements for PCOS Hair Loss

10 Best Supplements for PCOS Hair Loss


As I mentioned, one of the main culprits for PCOS hair loss is high androgen levels. Elevated male sex hormones like testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are common in women with PCOS and can lead to hair thinning, hair loss, and unwanted facial hair growth. So, to tackle this, improving sex hormone balance is key! 

Zinc can be great for androgen balance, because it has been shown to raise testosterone levels when they’re too low and lower testosterone levels when they’re too high. No matter who you are or where your androgen levels are, zinc supplements will try to regulate the testosterone to the perfect levels for your body. Pretty cool! 

Since zinc can help fix the excess androgens problem, hair growth and improved scalp health usually follows! Here’s more on other benefits of zinc for PCOS, too!


You’ve probably heard of biotin for hair and nail strength. It’s a pretty popular one! However, biotin on its own will probably not fix your PCOS hair problems, since it doesn’t really target the root of the hormonal issues or nutrient deficiencies. But, it can help with growth and it’s a great support when your hair does return to make sure the strands are healthy! Biotin stimulates the production of keratin, which makes up the structure of hair, giving it good texture, feel, and strength!


Iron deficiencies can happen with women with PCOS because of the long, heavy menstrual cycles that some Cyster’s experience. And, low iron levels seem to correlate with hair loss among other PCOS symptoms like fatigue and headaches. They think this is because iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to the cells, including the hair follicles. 

All in all, iron is an essential vitamin for Cyster who want to improve their hair health and relieve other symptoms, too! 


Omega-3 fatty acids are another one of those supplements that can help with lots of PCOS side effects. Omega-3 has been shown to help regulate menstrual cycles, lower bad cholesterol, improve mood, and more! 

It helps with hair loss by reducing inflammation and improving insulin resistance in Cysters. Why do these two things matter for hair loss??? Well, inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormonal imbalance all work together in this awful cycle. So, when you, let’s say, improve insulin levels, you’ll automatically see an improvement in inflammation and hormone balance as well. 

So, as your inflammation and insulin levels get back to normal, your body can see androgen balance, too! And, as I’ve already discussed, when you lower your testosterone levels, hair loss usually improves along with it. Omega-3 is great for growing back your hair and your other PCOS symptom relief goals! 

supplements for pcos hair loss

Vitamin D

This is the sunshine vitamin! It’s also one of the most common nutrient deficiencies and it’s even more common in women with PCOS. Vitamin D can help with hair loss due to PCOS by reducing inflammation, which helps balance those sex hormones

Plus, vitamin D has been shown to help with follicle cycling, which is the natural process of hair growth and shedding. This is essential for a healthy, full-head of hair!  


Niacin, AKA vitamin B3 is another good supporter of healthy hair! As the other supplements help with the underlying issue of hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and inflammation, niacin can swoop in to help ensure those new hair follicles are healthy and strong. There is even some evidence it helps trigger hair growth

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which helps improve blood circulation to the scalp. As blood flow improves, so does the overall health of your hair and scalp. It’s been shown to help reduce dryness and flakiness for a hydrated scalp and health follicles that boost hair growth!

Vitamin C

If you’re looking for another supplement, that’ll help get to the root of the hair loss issue, vitamin C is the supplement you need! Vitamin C can help stop that cycle of inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormone imbalance (when combined with other lifestyle changes.) Not only can it help lower testosterone levels, but it can also improve your iron absorption to make iron supplementation more effective. A double whammy for hair growth benefits!

Not only can vitamin C ease some of the conditions that are causing hair growth, but it can actually directly help improve your hair health by stimulating collagen production. When making your list of must-have supplements for hair loss, vitamin C should definitely be on the list! 


Ovasitol is my favorite supplement for PCOS. Studies show that though it’s a natural supplement, it can actually be more effective than prescription drugs commonly used to remedy PCOS. Isn’t that amazing?

Ovasitol is a 40:1 ratio supplement of myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol that can help relieve a lot of PCOS symptoms by improving insulin resistance, reducing androgen levels, improving menstrual regulation, and more. All three of those things I listed can help a ton with hair growth and strength! 


For this last one, we’re talking about collagen! It’s actually the only supplement that’s not in my Ovafit line, but that’s okay! There are plenty of great collagen powders out there like the brand Vital Proteins, and plenty of my smoothie and drink recipes on The Cysterhood app include collagen! 

Yeah, but what is it for, right? As you might have guessed, collagen can help with hair loss! It doesn’t get to the root issues of hormone balance and insulin resistance. However, as you improve those issues, collagen will help ensure the hair grows back thick, strong, and super healthy! 

pcos hair loss supplements

The right supplements can help reverse PCOS symptoms like hair loss! 

I know, I know, this list of supplements is a bit overwhelming but don’t pull your hair out! (Pun intended.) I’m all too familiar with how stressful going through the vitamin aisle at the grocery store is. You obviously can’t take it all and is what on the shelf even good? What about dosing? When do I even take it? Is it right for PCOS? All those questions are valid and I remember asking all of them during my own PCOS healing journey! That’s why I became a registered dietitian and started The Cysterhood, I knew I wanted to start my own supplement line specifically curated for a PCOS body. 

The best part? All the supplements in this list are included in the Metabolism Plus Bundle and our Ovasitol Powder, which come from my line of PCOS-friendly, NSF-certified supplements called Ovafit. You can grab them right here on my website and feel confidently you’re spending your time and money on the right supplements for your body!

Of course, talk to your doctor before starting any new supplements. He or she will know what’s best for you and if it’s a good time to start taking Ovafit supplements. While you wait for your appointment, read up more on PCOS vitamins on the blog and download The Cysterhood App for more support, resources, and information to help you heal your PCOS and live symptom free!