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The Benefits of a Zinc Supplement For PCOS

The Benefits of a Zinc Supplement For PCOS

PCOS affects millions of women of reproductive age. It’s a hormonal condition that can impact pretty much every part of your body from skin issues and digestive problems to infertility and weight gain. Yeah, pretty much everything! 

When you have PCOS and limited information, your doctor may make you feel like hormonal birth control is the only solution. Now, that may be the best temporary option for some Cysters, but there are actually tons of natural ways you can support your body, reverse your symptoms, and heal your PCOS…all without the side effects of birth control.

Since PCOS is the result of both genetic and environmental factors, a PCOS friendly diet may also need the boost of supplements to help fill nutrient gaps common in women with PCOS. Without these nutrients, our body is running low on steam!

Basically fumes! So, taking the right supplements can give your body those vitamins and minerals it’s begging for, which can support all the body systems for comprehensive symptom relief. Sounds amazing, right? I curated the supplements in our bundle, Metabolism Plus, to support nutrient gaps for women with PCOS! 

One of the most important vitamins in our MetaMulti is zinc. There are SO many benefits of zinc for PCOS, and that’s what we’re going to be zeroing in on today! You can learn more about other vitamins in our MetaMulti by diving into our posts on magnesium and fertility supplements.

Here’s are the effects of zinc supplementation on Cysters: 

the benefits of zinc supplement for pcos

The Benefits of a Zinc Supplement For PCOS

I know you probably don’t hear zinc recommended often for PCOS, but a lot of your chronic symptoms could be worse because of a zinc deficiency! The right levels of zinc can definitely help improve a lot of a Cyster’s common PCOS struggles. 

Here are the benefits of zinc for PCOS:

5 Benefits of Zinc For PCOS

Hormone Balance

Zinc is AMAZING for taking care of those excess androgens we Cysters have. Many women with PCOS struggle with elevated testosterone levels that lead to symptoms like excess facial hair growth, hair thinning, acne, weight gain, irregular periods, and more. However, zinc has been shown to balance androgens not specifically raise them or lower them, but balance them to just the right level for your body. So cool, right? 

Insulin Sensitivity

Hormone imbalance and insulin resistance are like two peas in a pod, but not in a good way. They feed each other, worsening your symptoms and increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes. However, women supplemented with zinc can not only expect improvements in hormone balance, but insulin sensitivity, too! 

Zinc is essential for the production, storage, and secretion of insulin, so a zinc deficiency can definitively wreak havoc on an already-insulin resistant body. However, boosting zinc intake through supplements can regulate your blood sugar, lower insulin resistance, and further improve hormone balance! 

the benefits of zinc supplement for pcos

Skin Health and Appearance

Skin problems is a lesser known PCOS symptom, but it can be really difficult and kill our confidence. Luckily, zinc supplementation has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote collagen production

When you’re dealing with inflammation (also common with PCOS) your skin shows it via redness, rashes, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. So taking care of inflammation is super important. And, collagen is also a big deal because it’s responsible for skin’s structure, strength, and elasticity. That means your skin is healthier and looks AMAZING!

Hair Health and Appearance

Women with PCOS often struggle with hair loss, excessive hair growth on the face, and other irritating hair health issues. And, you guessed it, zinc can help! Zinc is crucial for developing healthy hair follicles for strong strands of hair. It can also help balance oil production, so your hair isn’t full of dandruff or super greasy. Gotta love that!

Immune Function

Here’s where zinc really shines! That chronic inflammation many Cysters deal with can lower your immune functioning long-term. Hello, how can the immune system do its job when it’s busy attacking healthy cells??? However, zinc supplementation can help

Not only is zinc anti-inflammatory, which allows your immune system to actually do its job, but it has more immune health benefits! Zinc helps support the production and activation of immune cells and its an antioxidant! Both are great for protecting your body against environmental toxins, infections, illnesses, and more. 

best zinc for pcos

Best Zinc Supplements For PCOS

Do you need a designated supplement that just includes zinc? No way. If we had a different supplement for every vitamin our body needs, our closets would be overflowing with pill bottles. No thank you! Instead, you should talk to your doctor about a high-quality, NSF-certified, whole food multivitamin like the MetaMulti supplement from Ovafit

It includes a specifically curated blend of over 25 essential vitamins and minerals including 15mg of zinc (which is 136% of the recommended daily intake!) With all the nutrients we selected, I made certain the types I chose were super bioavailable to increase the absorbency. The more vitamins absorbed, the more benefits you receive. 

Get zinc, and everything else you need at Ovafit! The Metabolism Plus bundle includes the MetaMulti, Omega-3, curcumin, and CoQ10. Psst . . . all are INCREDIBLE for your natural PCOS healing journey. But, I recommend you also grab the Ovasitol powder, because that is one of my favorites, and most recommended supplement for PCOS!

As always, discuss any new supplements with your doctor before beginning. Every Cyster’s body is unique! 

ZInc can support the health of your hair, skin, adrenals, metabolism, and immune system.

There are a lot of reasons to take zinc for PCOS and it’s so easy to get your daily dose with the MetaMulti! With the right vitamins and minerals, you can start your natural PCOS healing journey and start reversing your symptoms! Visit the Ovafit blog, listen to the A Cyster and Her Mister podcast, and download The Cysterhood app for all the tools, resources, and support to get you through. LET’S DO THIS!

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