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Biggest Benefits of CoQ10 For PCOS

Metabolism plus coq10 containers

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound found naturally in our bodies that’s integral to the functioning of ALL of our cells. It plays a specifically huge role in cell energy production and reproductive health. It’s one of the BEST supplements you can use for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), because it gets to the root of so many a Cyster’s symptoms. 

Plus, since it’s a natural supplement, there are likely no negative side effects! (If you were hoping not to take another supplement, you could eat a lot of animal organ meat, but I imagine that’s probably difficult for a lot of us Cysters!)

Today, I’m going to discuss why you should talk to your doctor about taking a CoQ10 supplement for PCOS. I’ll go through some of the biggest benefits and how those can help with your health conditions and symptoms! Here’s what’s up with CoQ10:

CoQ10 For PCOS

Biggest Benefits of CoQ10 For PCOS

Fights free radicals. 

Free radicals come from both internal and external sources, and they can cause inflammation in our bodies. Everyone naturally produces some free radicals as a part of regular internal processes. However, we can also get free radicals from external things like pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, certain chemicals, stress, poor diet, and alcohol consumption. But, why are these bad?

Free radicals trigger oxidative stress, which damages healthy cells, proteins, and DNA. This damage can worsen inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and reproductive health. It can also increase your risk of things like cardiovascular disease and cancer (which are already potential long-term complications of PCOS.) And, since many of our struggles and symptoms are due to inflammation and hormonal imbalances, we don’t need free radicals making things more severe!

Luckily, you can fight free radicals by stabilizing the molecules damaging the cells using antioxidants! CoQ10 is an antioxidant that can counteract the effects of free radicals to help with PCOS healing and overall wellness! Other antioxidant supplements that can be super helpful are vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, and curcumin, which all come in the Metabolism Plus bundle from Ovafit

Betters fertility. 

As I mentioned, free radicals can negatively affect fertility! The oxidative stress can harm oocytes and sperm, so protecting your body from free radicals can help boost egg quality. But, improving egg quality isn’t the only way CoQ10 helps with fertility. CoQ10 has also been shown to help by prompting gene regulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting energy production in the cells. (Ovulation takes a lot of energy!) 

Research actually shows us that CoQ10 is helpful for both men and women, bettering sperm health in the male and promoting egg quality and ovulation in the woman to improve the overall likelihood of conception! A study published in the Journal of Assisted Production and Genetics found that CoQ10 helped improve the outcome of all types of pregnancies specifically in women with PCOS. This is great news when you consider how PCOS normally affects pregnancy

Increases insulin sensitivity. 

Lots of people with PCOS have insulin resistance—up to 80%, actually! Insulin resistance is where your body doesn’t process glucose correctly, so instead of converting sugar to energy, it gets stored as fat and insulin levels rise. This can trigger a cycle of hormonal imbalance and inflammation that is the root of a lot of PCOS symptoms. Getting insulin resistance under control is HUGE for PCOS healing! 

However, studies show that CoQ10 may improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels! It does this by boosting energy production in the cells so they can respond better to sugar. CoQ10 can also help with insulin resistance by lowering inflammation, which can hinder your body’s glucose response. 

Improves lipid profile. 

High cholesterol can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and hinder ovulation, egg quality, and embryo development. These are ALL concerns for women with PCOS! However, CoQ10 has been shown to help balance your lipid profile. lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol by managing oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. 

In fact, this study even showed that CoQ10 can significantly improve your lipid profile all on its own! Of course, other lifestyle changes are smart, but this is pretty amazing!

List of benefits of CoQ10 for PCOS

Lowers blood pressure.

I’ve talked a lot about cardiovascular disease in this post, but it’s a big deal for Cysters and CoQ10 has a ton of benefits to help reduce your risk! Research shows CoQ10 can help improve blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. On top of that, a byproduct of lower inflammation and oxidative stress is also better blood pressure! Both are good for blood flow and lowering your risk of heart disease.  

Boosts energy. 

Though many Cysters are concerned about potential long-term complications of PCOS like heart disease and cancer, there are plenty of symptoms you’re probably dealing with right now! One of the main ones I hear about is fatigue! There is so much contributing to PCOS fatigue like insulin resistance, inflammation, stress, hormonal imbalances, and so much more. (Here’s how PCOS and fatigue are related.) CoQ10 can help with that in a few ways!

CoQ10 helps our bodies actually process sugar into energy, as I discussed earlier. This helps ditch that after-meal grogginess! Instead, you’ll probably feel alert, focused, and energized after eating a healthy dinner! Plus, CoQ10 also has indirect benefits on energy by helping to relieve inflammation and oxidative stress that can contribute to reduced cell functioning. 

Balance hormones. 

PCOS is a hormone condition, so many of the symptoms have to do with hormonal imbalances. Some of those hormones that are out of wack are sex hormones produced by the ovaries! Since CoQ10 can have such a positive effect on the ovaries and reproductive systems, some of the common hormonal imbalances like estrogen and progesterone can be improved with this supplement! And, CoQ10’s effect on inflammation and oxidative stress can help balance testosterone and cortisol as well. Improving these hormonal imbalances can lead to symptom relief in a big way! 

Ovafit Metabolism Plus CoQ10 supplement container

Best CoQ10 For PCOS

The best quality CoQ10 supplements for PCOS should be NSF-certified to confirm the products are third-party tested and super safe. Our Coenzyme Q10 product has patented VESIsorb technology, which mimics the body’s natural process of fat digestion for better absorption by 300-600% compared to standard oil-based CoQ10 supplements. You would have to take 375-750 mg of a standard CoQ10 supplement to absorb the same amount of CoQ10 in just one of our 125mg softgels. That’s why Ovafit’s Metabolism Plus CoQ10 supplement is the best for women with PCOS. As a Registered Dietitian and Cyster myself, I specifically designed all the Ovafit supplements to be the most effective for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). 

You can grab CoQ10 and our whole all-in-one PCOS supplement bundle here! (Psst . . . subscribe and save to get a great discount and never miss a tablet!) 

CoQ10 can have a big impact on your reproductive, metabolic, and cardiovascular health! 

If you’re doing your best to reverse your PCOS and live symptom-free, congrats! What you’re doing is AMAZING! I’m sure you’re already (or already planning to) exercise and eat well, but supplements are an essential piece to the healing puzzle. No matter how great your diet is, getting all the nutrients your body needs to thrive is tough! Support your goals with PCOS-friendly supplements from Ovafit!